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Question About Pain in Hands...
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TOPIC: Question About Pain in Hands...

Question About Pain in Hands... 5 years, 6 months ago #2

Hello Drumheads!!! My name is Chewy & I have a question for everyone out there...

Has anyone experienced or is anyone now experiencing pain in their hands while playing? After about 15-20 minutes of playing my left hand starts to get the pins & needles effect (every hit sends a feeling in my left hand like a thousand hot pins & needles are being stuck into my hand). When I stop playing, the pain stops. If I take a break (10-20 minutes) then start playing again, the same thing happens.

I've tried stretching & a slow warm up before going full bore & this does not help. I've loosened the tension of my snare head. I've tried altering the position of my drums (lowering) & seat (raising) too. I've been playing on & off (more on then off) for over 30 years & this problem has come to light within the past 18 months. Any info, feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'm looking forward to hearing from my kindred Drumheads!!!!


Re: Question About Pain in Hands... 5 years, 6 months ago #3

Hi Michael,

Have you tried using wrist supports? I don't play drums that much, since i do most of the stuff on small midi pad, but for any kind of stress on my hands i use wrist support.

Something like this:

Though it's really for injury supposedly, it really helps me sometimes when hands start hurting from repetitive tasks. And I'm sure playing drums has same kind of stress on joints.

This wrist support thing is really cheap and there are different ones with longer support for forearm or shorter for wrist only, etc... Maybe it will be able to help you?


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Re: Question About Pain in Hands... 5 years, 4 months ago #7

  • Gary Evans
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Hi Chewy.
Have you tried to do some research into hand technique? Especially the Moeller Stroke.
There are a lot of good resources on the net.
I can recommend some great DVD's:

Jojo Mayer - Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer.
Jim Chapin - Speed, Power, Control, Endurance.
Tommy Igoe - Great Hands For A Lifetime.

I hope you don't get offended by the following:
If you've already studied hand technique then perhaps you suffer some sort of Medical Condition, maybe you should think about seeing a Doctor about it because I think it's not normal to be suffering from pins & needles after drumming for only 20 minutes. It is normal to feel muscle tension due to incorrect technique by forcing your drum strokes as opposed to lifting the sticks off of the drum head in a natural way. Any form of tension in drumming gives a negative result.
I wish you the best of luck & especially pain free drumming.
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Re:About Pain in Hands (A Reply to 2 Gentleman) 5 years, 3 months ago #9

Hello Tony & Gary, So sorry about such a delayed responce, but here goes...

Tony, I have tried that exact type of brace before. But only for off the drums. Unfortunately it did not work.

Gary, to do any type of proper studing would be benificial to me period. Espsecially because I'm a self taught basher. LOL!!! But, I have had some of the best tudors money can buy...Ringo, Charlie, John, Simon, Mover!!!

Now, here's why it has taken so long for a responce. Since I've originally posted my question I have been to & through my G.P. 3 times, a Pain Management Specialist, a Neurologist (all have perscribed several meds), 1 MRI & Physically therapy. It turns out that I have 2 herniated discs in my neck & the neurologist thinks my CTS is coming back (originally diagnost 3 years ago, but until now, I didn't have any more problems). All of this on the left side of my body ( 2-4 hand). Meds & therapy hasn't worked, so I've had my first round of epidural shots, with round# 2 coming by the end of January. I did nothing in particular to cause this & no one can tell me why this happened (maybe this is body's personal B-day gift to me because I turned 50 this year) LOL!!!

Anyway, it has been a very frustrating 3 months now, with very little playing in the mean time. If the 2nd round of shots don't work it'll be surgery time for me. It's not bad enough that this effects my playing, it has also been effecting my work (which requires a lot of hand use too). And there's a little brite spot to this. My neurologist is a drummer & his parting words to me after our initial meeting was, "From 1 drummer to another, I do my best to get you back to playing".

So...To both of you gents, a THANKS for your resonce & suggestions. May both of you enjoy a lifetime of drumming & happiness.


Re:About Pain in Hands (A Reply to 2 Gentleman) 5 years, 3 months ago #11

  • Gary Evans
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Hi Michael.

I'm sorry to hear about your medical conditions.

I can empathize with you; nearly 6 years ago I was hit by a 4 wheel drive car whilst riding my bicycle to work. I suffered 8 fractured bones, the worst was my right femur & 4 bones in my spine (luckily for me the spine fractures didn't damage my spinal cord).

My specialist said that if I wasn't wearing a bicycle helmet that I probably would have been a paraplegic, quadriplegic or dead. I'm a big advocate of bicycle helmets now.

My accident was a life changing event for me as I still suffer from pain daily in my back & neck. I am able to play my drums but some days my right leg gives me pain so I just do some hand exercises instead.

Try not to get depressed about your situation (it's easy to get caught up in it). Instead think of the positive things you can do. I had to tell myself I'm lucky to still be alive & that it could have been so much worse.

Michael I recommend that you go to a Drum Teacher who is adept at the 26 Standard Drum Rudiments (there are a lot more but the Standard 26 is a good place to start) & knows the Moeller Technique. This will train you to use natural movements, when it's slowed right down it looks like Tai Chi for Drums. After you’ve learnt it you won’t be sorry as it takes any stress out of your arm, wrist & finger motions.

Good luck.

Gary. (Australia).
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