altRenowned Rock n’ Roll photographer Elliott Landy’s Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Fine Art Book of THE BAND Continues Momentous Roll, Rapidly Raising over $100K – Currently the Second Most Funded Photography Project in Kickstarter History
“Landy’s campaign page is extremely well put together…and, unlike some crowd-funders, he’s not looking to take your money and give you nothing in return.”
Vanity Fair
WOODSTOCK, NY – In a word of over 500+ fans and supporters,“Wow!”
That’s the universal response to iconic photographer Elliott Landy’sKickstarter campaign, launched last month to fund a never-gathered-in-one-place book of fine art photos of roots rock giants THE BAND. Fully funded in just five days at the $65,000 goal, the Kickstarter campaign continues to build, breaking the $100,000 mark last weekend and showing no signs of slowing down as it holds the title of Second Most Funded Photography Campaign on the site.
"Although I expected a really good response to this project, I’m as awed by the depth of feeling that people express for this work as I am for the amount of dollars that have been pledged thus far,” says Landy, who took the photos for THE BAND’s historic first two albums, Music From Big Pink and The Band. “The pledges for a dollar, two or ten are as meaningful to me as the $1,000 pledges. I appreciate and continue to be inspired by this incredible expression of support.  Because we are doing so well, I can start to think about expanding the project into new areas such as an electronic book or a dedicated website.  The more we receive, the more real these expanded options become."

Known for his seemingly unlimited access to artists like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and others from The Summer of Love, as well as the ’69 Woodstock Festival, Landy has gone into his archives to review, relive and focus on his time with one of his favorite subjects, THE BAND, as they were becoming one of the most popular and influential rock groups in the world. This fine art, limited edition book captures what Landy feels is his best body of work from the period. Landy shot over 8,000 frames of film of the group, only about 30 of which have been widely published to date.
“During that period I was the only photographer they let take pictures of them,” says Landy. “They treated me like a friend and allowed me the freedom to hang out and take whatever pictures I wanted.”
Acknowledging that in this digital age, the Internet serves as launch pad and laboratory for making things happen, Landy began the crowd-sourcing campaign with the intent to raise funds to publish the work. Having now clearly moved beyond the basic funding threshold, Landy is exploring new options to maximize the work and make it available not only to THE BAND’s fan base, but also to fans of the Woodstock Era and photography professionals and buffs alike.
The fine art book will be available in two hardcover versions: A Regular Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition. Deluxe Limited Edition copies will come in a slipcase, signed and numbered and also will include an 8x10 print of "The Band with Hamlet" (image on campaign website). This image will only be printed in this size for this Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will be limited to a maximum of 500 copies. Both of these versions will be from the first edition printing of the book, which will be printed on heavyweight, fine art paper. The project is being personally supervised by Landy.
"Fans of THE BAND and photography collectors should continue to reserve copies of this special first printing because it is possible that after this Kickstarter campaign is over, it will not be available,” he adds. “Also, it’s an opportunity to collect some of my prints at a reduced price.”
Those reserving books via their contributions should expect and enjoy a very intimate look at THE BAND. As Landy writes in the description of his book on Kickstarter, “The photographs of Garth, Levon, Richard, Rick and Robbie show their camaraderie, their love of life and music. The book will visually define who they were for the generations to come — brothers creating two of the greatest albums in the history of music.”
For full details on the Kickstarter campaign, ending January 28th, visit:
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