Two-day workshop begins April 9, Enroll now!
CreativeLive, the world's leading online classroom, has announced its first 'Music & Audio' class for the month of April, "The Working Musician Playbook," with special guest instructor, Periphery drummer and founder, Matt Halpern. In this online course, Matt will show viewers how to break out of the garage and build a lasting career in the music industry - from finding the right management, agent and label, to building relationships with sponsors and key industry players and more. The free, two-day class will broadcast live from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM PDT, starting April 9. For more information, and to enroll today, head over to:
Since its inception in 2010, CreativeLive has broadcast more than 250 courses to more than 1 million students worldwide. Now streaming live from studios in Seattle and San Francisco, CreativeLive hosts workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and software training, unlocking previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone.
The site's upcoming "The Working Musician Playbook" instructor, Matt Halpern, plays drums in Periphery and is the founder of He's a fixture on the clinic scene and one of the most respected names in rock drumming. Besides loving dogs, Matt had this to say about his favorite new piece of gear, his MIENL 21" Byzance Transition Ride. "What's my new favorite piece of gear, it's definitley my MIENL 21" Byzance Transition Ride. It was designed by Mike Johnston of, who will actually be a guest in the creativelive class! The ride has the perfect balance of response between sensitivity and power. I can use it for my gigs with Periphery, or in more stripped down studio settings. It's great."
Check out the cymbal here.

Stay tuned to and for more information on "The Working Musician Playbook" and other upcoming 'Music & Audio' classes.
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