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Peter Lavinger, Guinness World Record Holder for The World’s Largest Collection of Autographed Drumsticks is endeavoring to preserve his archive of over 1,400 hand-played and hand-signed drumsticks. The Collection, which embodies musical genres from Rock & Roll, Jazz, Blues and Ska to name a few, and features artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Tito Puente, John Coltrane and Miles Davis will be featured in a Kickstarter campaign that will go live in September 2014. Peter’s goal is to professionally archive--en masse--this one-of-a-kind collection for music lovers worldwide to enjoy and to provide global access for educational research for generations to come.

A souvenir Peter caught at a concert in 1980, inspired the start of The Collection that is now comprised of drumsticks from the greatest, most influential drummers and bands throughout history. Peter secured every drumstick in The Collection first hand from these legendary drummers and bands all before the inception of the Internet, email and Ebay. The Collection has been on display for fans around the world to view at the famed New York Hard Rock Café in 1989, and from 1995 to 2002 on The Main Exhibition Level at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter’s collection is one of the most popular exhibits the museum has ever showcased!

“I’ve had countless amazing experiences working on this project,” said Peter Lavinger. “Meeting generations of musicians--my idols--has been thrilling, I’m grateful for every opportunity!”

The Kickstarter campaign went live on August 28, 2014. The campaign allows fans to help support Peter’s efforts to ensure this historically significant, prestigious and priceless collection--inclusive of untold hand-written letters of provenance--is properly archived, scanned, categorized and digitized in a user-friendly interactive database to honor these iconic musicians and bands. In addition, it will provide generations of music lovers the opportunity to access The Collection in an on-going emerging technology forum while providing an in-home museum-like experience to celebrate these groundbreaking and culturally defining artists.

About Peter Lavinger:

Peter Lavinger is the Guinness World Record Holder for The World’s Largest Collection of Autographed Drumsticks. At age 16, Peter caught his first drumstick from a Good Rats concert. At that moment Peter realized he was onto something huge. He was right. For the next 34 years, Peter has collated hand-played and hand-signed drumsticks from the finest musicians in the world; from today and from generations passed. Over the years, his drumsticks have been showcased publicly and privately to wildly popular reviews.

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